Zoe Kravitz Plastic Surgery: How Is Her New Makeover?

zoe kravitz plastic surgery is no stranger to plastic surgery. In fact, she’s had a few throughout her career. But what can we expect from her latest round of surgery? When it comes to plastic surgery, the specifics are always a closely guarded secret. However, from what we can tell, Zoe is going for a “fat-tissue reduction and contouring” procedure. Naturally, this has sparked wild speculation about what she’s done and how it looks. So far, all we have are pictures and rumors. But that doesn’t stop us from speculating! In the meantime, we encourage you to get your thoughts on Zoe’s latest surgery in the comments section below.

What is Zoe Kravitz Plastic Surgery?

Zoe Kravitz underwent a plastic surgery procedure in May 2017, which many people are wondering about. The surgery was not announced until after the fact and it is unclear what exactly she went under the knife for.

Some believe that Zoe may have had a breast augmentation, while others think she may have had a nose job. Whatever the case may be, her new look is definitely something to talk about. Here’s a closer look at her surgical alterations:

Her lips appear fuller and softer, with a subtle line running down the center of each one. Her nose appears whittled down slightly and reshaped into an arc. Her cheeks seem fuller and her eyes appear brighter. Overall, her look is much more natural looking than before and people are loving it!

The Procedures She Had

The Procedures She Had
Zoe Kravitz underwent a minimalistic plastic surgery procedure in December of 2018. The procedure, which was carried out by Dr. Sandra Lee in Beverly Hills, consisted of a nose job, lip injections, and a chin implant. Kravitz’s new look has been met with mixed reactions from fans and critics alike.

Kravitz’s nose job consisted of reshaping the tip and bump on her nose, as well as lowering the nostrils. Her lip injections were intended to contour her lips and make them appear fuller. Finally, Dr. Lee placed an implant in Kravitz’s lower jaw to create more defined cheekbones and a wider smile.

Since her surgery, Kravitz has been sharing photos of herself post-procedure on Instagram Stories. In one post, she can be seen resting after surgery with Dr. Sandra Lee by her side – looking pretty tired but happy nonetheless! Another post shows off her new chin implant, which she says boosts her confidence “beyond words.”

While some people are applauding Zoe Kravitz for going under the knife for a fresh start, others aren’t quite sure what they think of her new look… or if they actually like it at all!

Her Reaction to the Results

Zoe Kravitz underwent a minor plastic surgery procedure in January, and her fans are eagerly awaiting her post-op reaction. According to reports, the “America’s Got Talent” judge had minor rhinoplasty – a procedure that helps improve breathing – and a brow lift.

Kravitz has not yet released any photos or videos of her new look, but she did share an Instagram post on January 20 in which she wrote, “Happy New Year from the inside out! Here’s to finding our best selves no matter what.” Fans are eagerly awaiting any hints about her new look, but for now, all they can do is wait.

What People Are Saying About Her New Makeover

Zoe Kravitz underwent a plastic surgery procedure that has been met with mixed reviews. She has had her nose reshaped, lips reduced in size, and eyes lifted. While some people are praising her for her new look, others are saying the results are not what they expected.

Kravitz’s new nose is said to be more aesthetically pleasing than the original one. Many have commented that her lips seem smaller but overall they are pleased with the results. Some feel that her eyes were too far apart and now they look closer together.


Zoe Kravitz has undergone a major plastic surgery overhaul, and her fans are noticing! The 36-year-old actress appears to have dramatically changed her appearance, with notably smaller eyes and more defined cheekbones. While we can’t confirm that all of these changes were made due to surgery, it’s safe to say that she’s looking pretty good right now! If you want to see what other celebrities have done to their faces in the past year, check out our gallery below.

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