WebViewGold Xcode Build Error

Hello, I am trying to build a WebViewGold project in Xcode 9 and I keep getting an error. It says: “WebViewGold Xcode Build Error: Could not find or load the WebViewGold framework. Check that you have installed it correctly.” Can you help?

What is WebViewGold Xcode Build Error?

If you are experiencing an Xcode build error with WebViewGold, it is likely that you have not added the dependency to your project. To add the dependency, open Xcode and select File -> New -> Project… and select the iOS Development category. In the Project options window, under Build Settings, scroll down to Add Dependencies and click the (+) button next to WebViewGold.

How to Fix WebViewGold Xcode Build Error?

Xcode Build Error is common issue that many developers face when they are trying to build or deploy their projects using. This article will show you a few simple steps that can help you fix this problem and get your project built.


I hope this article on the Xcode build error has helped you to troubleshoot and solve whatever issue you were encountering. We always recommend using our built-in tools when possible, but sometimes they don’t work as expected or we can’t provide a solution for an issue that crops up. In those cases, it is helpful to have some knowledge of how things work under the hood so that you can get your project up and running again as quickly as possible. Thank you for reading!

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