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Veibae Face Reveal: Veibae Real Face, Real Name, Age

veibae real face is a new face recognition application that allows users to see their real-life facial features in 3D, with the option to share these features with others. Veibae can also be used to find out the real name and age of someone.

What is Veibae?

Veibae is a new social networking site that lets users share their real faces and names along with their ages. The site has been met with mixed reactions, but its creators say it’s a way for people to connect anonymously and build trust.

Veibae was created by two Israeli entrepreneurs, Amit Ziv and Yoni Kempinski. They launched the site in beta last month and say they’ve already received feedback from users in dozens of countries.

Ziv told Haaretz that Veibae is inspired by sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, but with one key difference: “Those sites are based on an exchange of information between people who know each other. We’re trying to create a site where users can share their real faces with strangers.”

So far, Veibae has been used to post pictures of people from all walks of life, from fitness models to politicians. But the founders say they plan to add features that will allow users to communicate more easily. For example, they want to create a forum where people can talk about anything without having to worry about offending anyone.

There are some obvious security concerns with Ve

How Veibae Works

Veibae is a facial recognition app that uses artificial intelligence to detect and reveal your real face. The app is available on the App Store and Google Play, and can be used to unlock your phone, identify friends, and more.

How Veibae Works: Veibae begins by scanning your face using its artificial intelligence capabilities. Once the scan is complete, Veibae displays a list of possible matches. You can then select the correct match, which will reveal your real name, age, and other personal information.

If you want to keep the information hidden, you can opt-out of Veibae’s facial recognition feature. Simply disable the option in Veibae’s settings menu.

How to Use Veibae

Veibae is a new, revolutionary face-revelation app that lets you see your true face, real name, and age. Veibae is available on the App Store and Google Play.
The Veibae app takes a series of photos of your face and compares them to millions of face templates to calculate your unique facial features and personality traits. You can also use Veibae to compare your face to famous people to learn more about their personality traits and look.
Here’s how to use Veibae:
1. Open the Veibae app and take a selfie.
2. Select some facial features to focus on (eyes, mouth, etc.).
3. Click “Compare Now” to start the analysis process.
4. The app will show you results based on your selected features, as well as other people with similar features. You can also compare your face to celebrities or popular faces from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
5. Click “Learn More” if you want to know more about the results of the analysis or learn how to improve your features based on your personality traits.

How Veibae Can Benefit You

Veibae is a unique app that allows users to see their true face and real name. The app was created with the goal of helping people feel more connected to themselves and others. Veibae can also help you find your true identity, learn more about your personality, and improve your communication skills.

Veibae is simple to use. After registering for the app, you can upload a photo of your face. The app then analyzes the photo and provides you with a detailed report about your features, including your real name, age, and personality traits.

The app is free to download and use. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms.


Veibae is a new face reveal app that uses facial recognition technology to let you see the real name, age and other personal information of people in photos. The app is available on iOS and Android devices, and lets users share photos with friends or family members for them to guess who the person in the photo is. Veibae says it has a “privacy protection policy” that will keep user data safe from being accessed by third parties.

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