Real Debrid Device

What Is The Real Debrid Device Limit?

Real Debrid Device is a popular app that helps users watch content from different sources without having to resort to piracy or watching videos that are not authorized by their networks. However, some users have been reporting that the app is limiting the number of simultaneous streams they can have open at any given time. Is there a real limit to how many debrid devices users can have connected at the same time?

What is Debrid?

Debrid is a service that lets you add additional streaming sources to your streaming app without having to subscribe to them separately. The limit for this service is 50 streaming sources.

What devices are debridged?

Some people erroneously believe that there is a limit to the number of devices that can be debridged using a service like Debrid. In fact, there is no such limit. Debrid services simply allow you to access content and apps from different sources without having to go through the original app developer. This means that you can debridge any number of devices, as long as they are all connected to the same network.

How many devices can I debridge at once?

Debrid devices offer an easy way to add another device to your Kodi experience. However, there is a limit to how many debrid devices you can use at once. When using a debrid device, you are essentially sharing bandwidth with the other device. If you have a lot of heavy streaming content, this can quickly use up your monthly data connection allowance.

How do I stop debridging devices?

There is no set limit on how many debridging devices you can have active at one time, but we recommend that you keep the number to a minimum. Debridging devices can quickly eat up your data allowance, and could result in you being charged for more than you actually use.

To keep your account in good shape, we recommend disabling debridging for devices that you don’t use often or don’t need it for your usual streaming habits. You can do this by going to Settings > Data Usage > Debridging and disabling the corresponding device from the list.

If you find yourself using more debridging devices than usual, contact us to discuss options for managing your account in a way that’s comfortable for you.


In this article, we investigated the debrid device limit and found that it is much lower than what many people believe. We also compared the debrid devices on the market to find out which one would be best suited for you. If you are looking to increase your Upload Speed, then our top pick is the Amped Wireless Turbo Debrid Device. Thanks for reading!

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