OSRS Fossil Island Wyverns

osrs fossil island is a vibrant and exciting new world with the main attraction of dinosaurs. It’sIt’s been officially released for players in the game RuneScape 3, and it’s already generating a lot of excitement. But what about the Wyverns? These majestic creatures are one of Fossil Island’s iconic elements, and they’re definitely worth checking out. This blog post will provide you with all the information you need to catch and kill these majestic creatures. From tips on finding them to fighting them, read on to learn everything you need to know about Fossil Island Wyverns.

What are Fossil Island Wyverns?

Fossil Island Wyverns are a type of dragon found on Fossil Island. They are the second-strongest dragons in the game after the Abyssal Wyvern and can only be fought with a Dragon Slayer assignment.

They are also one of the few dragons in the game that can drop an ore, which is very valuable due to their high Smithing and Mining rates.

Where can I find them in OSRS?

In OSRS, there are two types of Wyverns: the Fossil Wyvern and the Dragon Wyvern. The Fossil Wyvern can be found on Fossil Island, while the Dragon Wyvern can be found in various places throughout the game.

How to catch a Fossil Island Wyvern

If you’re looking for a challenge, Fossil Island is the place for you! There are Wyverns on the island that require some serious hunting to catch. Here’sHere’s how to go about acquiring one: 

1. Start by finding the wyverns’wyverns’ nests. They’reThey’re often located in high altitudes, so I’ll it’ll take some effort to climb up there and find them. 

2. Once you’veyou’ve located the nests, start gathering supplies. You’llYou’ll need some food to lure the wyverns in, as well as a weapon to catch them with. A good choice for bait might be raw meat or fish. 

3. When you have everything ready, head out to the nests and wait for the wyverns to come down. Once they do, prepare yourself! They’reThey’re powerful beasts and will fight back if threatened. 

4. If you can catch the wyvern without getting injured, congrats! You’veYou’ve caught your very own fossil island wyvern!

Tips for defeating a Fossil Island Wyvern

1. Plan your attack:

Before attacking a Fossil Island Wyvern, you must plan out your strategy. This beast is robust and requires enough preparation to defeat it. However, with the proper practices, you can easily take this dragon down!

2. Use ranged attacks:

Fossil Island Wyverns are very susceptible to ranged damage. If you can stay away from their reach, using ranged weapons will make defeating them much more accessible. Be sure to keep an eye on your opponent’sopponent’s movement as well, as a well-timed arrow or spell can easily take them down!

3. Use armour and protection:

Although the Fossil Island Wyverns arena isn’t too resistant to melee attacks, they are pretty strong against physical damage. Bringing along armour and protection will help mitigate some of that damage and give you a better chance of defeating the dragon!


In this article, we have looked at the OSRS fossil island wyverns and outlined some tips for slaying them. Following these tips can kill your wyvern in style and quickly. Finally, if you have difficulty defeating a particular wyvern, check out our Defeat OSRS Fossil Island Wyverns Fast guide for help. Thanks for reading!

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