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Nikki Catsura was a celebrity death photographer who specialized in capturing images of celebrities before they passed away. Her photos have been featured in news articles, on magazine covers, and even on TV shows. In this article, we will take a look at Nikki Catsura’s life and career, and explore some of the most famous photos she has taken.

Who is Nikki Catsura?

Nikki Catsura is an Australian photographer who has dedicated her life to documenting the death of people. Catsura’s work focuses on portraying the beauty in death, often capturing moments of peace and tranquility before the person’s body is released to be cremated or buried. Her photographs have been exhibited around the world and she has won numerous awards for her work.

How did Nikki Catsura die?

There is still much mystery surrounding the death of Nikki Catsura, who was found dead in her Los Angeles home on December 3rd. The cause of death has yet to be determined, but it is being speculated that Nikki may have died from a drug overdose.
Born and raised in Japan, Nikki was a well-known photographer and fashion designer. She started her career in the fashion industry as a model and then worked her way up to becoming a photographer. Her photography focused on documenting the lives of celebrities and rock stars.
In addition to her photography work, Nikki was also known for her design work. She designed clothing for celebrities and her designs were featured in fashion magazines around the world.
Despite her successful career, Nikki struggled with addiction for many years. In 2013, she checked into an intensive treatment program for substance abuse but she later died from an apparent drug overdose at her home on December 3rd.
Nikki’s death has left friends and family grieving and wondering what could have led to her tragic end.

What are Nikki Catsura’s photos of?

Nikki Catsura is a photographer who specializes in death photographs. Her photos are macabre but also beautiful, capturing the beauty of death in all of its glory. What are Nikki Catsura’s photos of? They show people and animals who have died in various ways – as suicides, murders, accidents, etc. – and she often captures the moment they died, as well as their final moments before they passed away. Some of her most famous works include images of a hanged woman and an animal killed by a car.

Why are Nikki Catsura’s photos so popular?

Nikki Catsura’s photos are so popular because she captures the beauty and vulnerability of the human form in a way that is both arresting and emotional. Her images are often layered with symbolism, and they often depict individuals in moments of great intensity or inner turmoil. This makes her photos both fascinating and timeless, able to evoke strong emotions in even the most casual viewer.


Nikki Catsura is a photographer who specializes in death photography. Her candid shots of people near death or shortly after their passing are haunting and beautiful, capturing the raw emotions of those involved. If you’re interested in learning more about Nikki Catsura and her work, be sure to check out her website and social media pages. You may also want to consider purchasing one of her photographs as a souvenir of a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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