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majdouline aslan call of duty: Advanced Warfare is a video game that was released in November 2014. The game is set in the future and focuses on a conflict between the United States and Russia. In addition to its multiplayer mode, the game features a co-operative mode in which players work together to complete objectives. One of these objectives is to extract a VIP from an enemy compound. Majdouline Aslan, who works as a writer for IGN, has criticized the game for its treatment of women. She has written that while women are shown in combat roles, they are “largely relegated to sexualized objects or props.” Aslan also argues that the portrayal of women in the game “objectifies” them and “normalizes violence against girls and women.”

Background of majdouline aslan call of duty

Majdouline Aslan is a Lebanese-Canadian writer and journalist. She has written for The Globe and Mail, The Guardian, Toronto Star, Newsweek Middle East, Elle Canada and others. In early 2018, she was selected to be the first Muslim Canadian to receive the prestigious Giller Prize.

Born in Beirut in 1971 to a Syrian father and Lebanese mother, Aslan immigrated with her family to Toronto when she was four years old. She has a degree in philosophy from McGill University and worked as a freelance journalist for years before becoming a staff writer at The Globe and Mail in 2009.

Aslan’s work often focuses on identity issues within Islam, particularly those of women and girls. Her book God without Men (2012) tells the story of two Muslim sisters living in Montreal during the 1990s who grapple with traditional gender roles while also dealing with personal trauma caused by the First Lebanon War. Her follow-up book Imperial Life in the Emerald City (2017), which is set in contemporary Cairo, tells the story of female friends navigating life under Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is a highly anticipated title that many players are looking forward to. Activision has released a new trailer which gives us a sneak peak at the gameplay.

One of the main features that people are excited about is the ability to create custom characters. There will also be three different game modes available – Multiplayer, Zombies, and Campaign. Multiplayer will have three different maps and 14 different weapons to choose from. Zombies mode will offer an extensive selection of levels with unique challenges for players to complete. The campaign mode will take players on an epic adventure through different locations around the world.

There are also several bonuses that players can receive while playing the game. These bonuses include currency, weapon skins, and more. It’s definitely worth it to pre-order Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 so that you don’t miss out on any of the bonus content!

Connection between Majdouline and the Call of Duty Franchise

Majdouline Aslan (born November 10, 1988) is a Lebanese-American actress and martial artist who has voiced several video games, including the Call of Duty series. She played the role of Amarah in the 2016 video game Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, and reprised her role in 2018’s Middle-earth: Shadow of War. In October 2017, she was announced to voice Tali’Zorah Vakarian in the upcoming BioWare title Anthem.

Analysis of Majdouline’s Performance in Black Ops 4

In Treyarch’s Black Ops 4, Majdouline is a Primary Weapon Specialist that can be used by both the Recon and Sentry classes. She has high damage potential and good survivability thanks to her passive ability, Reprisal.

While Majdouline may not be the most popular weapon choice in Black Ops 4, her abilities make her an effective part of any team. Her primary attack lets her deal high damage to enemies in a relatively short range, while also providing a shield that absorbs a certain amount of damage for a short period of time. Her sidearm allows her to take down targets at a distance with quick shots, making it perfect for taking down enemies who are hiding behind cover or trying to avoid being seen.

Overall, Majdouline is an versatile Weapon Specialist that can be used effectively in many different situations. Her high damage potential and passive ability, Reprisal, make her an ideal candidate for any type of combat situation.


There’s no doubt that Majdouline Aslan is one of the most popular Call of Duty players on the planet. After all, her YouTube channel has over 2 million subscribers and she’s won countless tournaments. But how did she become so successful? In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the strategies that Majdouline uses to achieve such heights in competitive gaming. From practicing relentlessly to mastering advanced techniques, everything you need to know about playing Call of Duty like a pro can be found in this article. So be sure to read it from start to finish!

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