Loldle: The Online Literary Database

Libraries are a vital part of any community, and they’re especially important in today’s digital world. Loldle is a new online literary database that aims to fill that need. Loldle is different than other literary databases in a few important ways. For one, it’s open source and allows users to contribute content directly. And second, it focuses on translating literature into many languages, making it more accessible than ever before. Whether you’re a fan of literature or just looking for an interesting resource to explore, Loldle is worth checking out.

What is Loldle?

Loldle is an online literary database that allows users to find, review, and share literary works. The site offers a variety of features, including a search engine, blog, and reader forum. Loldle was created in 2006 by a team of volunteers who wanted to create an accessible resource for literature lovers around the world.

How Loldle Works

Loldle is an online literary database that allows you to find and explore works of literature by authors, genres, or keywords. You can browse through books, articles, and more from the convenience of your own home. Loldle makes it easy to access information on any literary work, no matter where you are in the world.

Literary Categories

Literary Categories

Loldle is a online literary database that allows users to browse and search through an extensive collection of poetry, short stories, novels, and essays. The site has several different literary categories, including works by American authors, British authors, Canadian authors, and international authors. also includes a number of special collections focused on specific genres or themes.

Users can search for poems by keyword, author, title, or content type (e.g. love poems). Each poem is accompanied by information about its author and publication date. Short stories are organized into collections based on theme (e.g. mystery stories), and each collection has a description and list of included stories. Novels are divided into series (e.g. Harry Potter) and each novel has information about its author, setting, and publication date. Essays are sorted alphabetically by author name and can be searched by keyword or topic.

The Loldle Library

The Library is a comprehensive online literary database with over 650,000 entries. The database includes works of fiction, poetry, drama, and non-fiction. It is updated daily and has a search engine that allows users to find specific information about any book or author. The Library is free to use and can be found.

Reading Loldle

Loldle is a free online literary database that allows users to explore and read the works of authors from around the world. The database features more than 1 million books, journals, and articles from more than 100 languages. also offers a variety of features, including a search engine and bookmarking tool.

Literary Critiques

Literary criticism can be broken down into two main branches: formal and informal. Formal criticism looks at the form of a work, while informal criticism focuses on the content. Literary journals are often the best place to find formal literary criticism, as they publish essays that analyze a work’s structure, style, and meaning. Informal critiques, on the other hand, are typically found on blogs or message boards, where readers share their thoughts on a book without necessarily analyzing it in detail.

One of the most popular literary databases is . is an online literary database that allows users to search for books by author, title, or keyword. The database also includes reviews and ratings from users, making it a great resource for finding unbiased opinions on books.


Looking for a literary database that offers free access to its content? Look no further than . This site is home to over 1 million books, poems, and articles from around the world, all of which are available for free download. In addition to offering a wide range of content, also allows users to rate and review books, making it a great resource for finding new and interesting reads. If you’re looking for something specific or want to explore different genres, is definitely worth checking out.

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