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Liz De La Torres, an Employee at Kaiser Permanente, is on the Radar of Racial Profilers

In a recent article published in the Sacramento Bee, a Kaiser employee named Liz de la Torres falsely accused a black man of stealing her son’s cellphone. Her shirt bears the name of Kaiser Permanente. Although her age is unknown, we do know she’s an Asian-American who attended San Francisco State University. But what exactly does she have against black people that puts her on the radar of racial profilers?

liz de la Torres is a Kaiser employee

After seeing a woman with the logo of Kaiser Permanente on her shirt, netizens figured out that she works at the California-based healthcare organization. Although MEAWW has not independently verified her identity, the company has promised an investigation into the woman’s actions. Now, the company says that it will not allow such an employee to work in the hospital or on the company’s premises.

The story began at the Wal-Mart in Oakland, California, where a woman called an Uber driver to report a theft. The driver of the Uber driver told the two men to leave the Walmart parking lot, but Liz followed them into the store and caught them before they could reach their car. YaShear explained the incident to another person and said that he had only his phone with him. Afterward, Liz threatened to call the police, but the driver took off on the black man.

She falsely accused a black man of stealing her son’s phone

A California woman, “Karen”, has been accused of falsely accusing a Black man of stealing her son’s cellphone. She was in the store with her son when the boy told his mother his cellphone was missing. When the woman left the store, she gestured towards Bryant, and publicly accused him of stealing the boy’s phone. Bryant was able to show the woman the recording of her interaction, and it is in that video that the accusations began.

Bryant claims he did not steal the phone. However, the woman followed him, following him around the parking lot and into Walmart. He then told the store employee that the woman falsely accused him of stealing the phone. He later returned the phone to the woman, who said she had a GPS tracker on her phone. The woman’s son later returned and found the phone.

She wears a T-shirt at work

A picture of Liz de la Torres wearing a T-shirt at work is making the Internet rounds. A woman wearing a Kaiser Permanente logo shirt was spotted by a netizen while working at Kaiser Permanente. While MEAWW has not been able to independently verify her identity, she has been urged to return the T-shirt. The racial insensitivity issue has long plagued the health care industry, and this particular case is no exception.

The actress wore the T-shirt while working as a nurse in a hospital. She has appeared in a number of shows including the one-woman play, Peace Mom, based on the writings of Cindy Sheehan. She later appeared on the West End in Boeing-Boeing, and at the National in Alan Bennett’s play The Habit of Art. She was also in the film adaptation of the Alan Bennett play.

She attended San Francisco State University

Originally from South Africa, Liz attended San Francisco State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. Her area of interest was education, specifically society, and she also received an Executive Certificate in Human Resources Management from Cal State East Bay. After college, she taught math and science at Fusion Academy Walnut Creek. She loves science and has a passion for teaching it. She plans to continue her education and become a high school teacher.

Besides her education, Liz de la Torres is also the founder of two scholarship funds. The first scholarship is named after Christy Kearney, a former student who died of breast cancer on February 20th, 2010. The second is named for Diana T.Y. Chung, who founded the scholarship in 2004. This scholarship was the first for international students at SF State University. Her family and friends gave her a generous endowment to support the music department.

Throughout her academic career, Liz de la Torres developed her activist skills and fought for social justice and equality. While attending SF State, she became heavily involved in politics, connecting with community members who had been silenced for years. This triggered a new generation of activists to rise up and challenge the traditional leadership of Mission and Chinatown. She has since been named the University’s first Black Alumni.

As a student at SFU, she studied sociolinguistics and anthropology. She served on the National Education Association Board of Directors for seven years and has been a Congressional Federal lobbyist for public education. Currently, she serves as a delegate to the State Council of the California Teachers Association, the union’s highest governing body. Furthermore, during the Obama administration, she was named a National Hispanic Leader. She was invited to attend the White House Hispanic Community Action Summit.

In addition to the Black Panther Party, the faculty at SFSU had long been organizing a union. Though the faculty association had not become a union, the radicals were interested in organizing a union. The students were part of negotiations to end the strike, and the movement’s leadership was involved in the process. The black student activists had already made the necessary connections to other groups in the labor and civil rights movement.

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