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If you’re a cat lover like we are, you probably follow itsme_tabby instagram tabbythatgirl on Instagram. She’s the cutest and most adorable kitty around, and she posts some of the funniest photos of her and her friends on a daily basis. But who is this behind the camera cat? And what can we learn from her about taking great Instagram photos? Itsme_tabby is an experienced photographer, and you can learn a lot from her tips for taking great Instagram photos. Here are four things to keep in mind if you want to take your photography to the next level: 1. Planning is key. Before you even set out to take a photo, make sure you have a plan. What do you want to achieve with this particular photo? Are you looking for a dramatic effect or are you just looking for something fun to share? Once you know your goals, go ahead and start shooting! 2. Use natural light whenever possible. If you’re trying to capture an intimate moment between your cat and another animal, for example, using artificial light will ruin the effect. Instead, try to find a spot with natural light and shoot there. 3. Take

itsme_tabby instagram tabbythatgirl Instagram

This blog is all about me, itsme_tabby. I’ve been a fan of itsme_tabby instagram tabbythatgirl since it first came out, and I love getting to know all of the different cats out there. So when I saw that one of my favorite tabby girls had started an account, I knew that I had to follow her! Tabbythatgirl is such a sweetheart and her pictures are so cute! She has such a fun personality and it’s always fun to see what she posts.

I hope you enjoy following Tabbythatgirl as much as I do!

itsme_tabby instagram tabbythatgirl Instagram

Tabbythatgirl is a young Instagram user with an interesting and fun account that is sure to entertain. Her posts are colorful, creative, and always full of positive energy. Whether she’s posing for photos in her favorite outfits or just hanging out with her friends, Tabbythatgirl’s Instagram is one you’ll want to follow!


It’s been a while since we’ve had an article from ItsMe_Tabby, and we’re excited to share one with you today. If you’re like us, you love spending time on Instagram scrolling through all of the beautiful photos and videos posted by our favorite feline friends. One of the best parts about Instagram is that it allows us to connect with other cat enthusiasts from around the world, so if you have a question or comment about felines in general or your own particular kitty, than Instragram is definitely a great place to post it!

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