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Icarus Keyboard Commands: Game Hotkeys

If you’re a PC gamer, chances are you’re familiar icarus keyboard commands. These shortcuts let you control your game in ways that would be much more time consuming and difficult using the mouse. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular keyboard commands for PC games and show you how to use them with Icarus Keyboard.

What are Game Hotkeys?

A game hotkey is a keyboard shortcut that activates a game function in your favorite game. There are many different hotkeys for various actions in games, so be sure to check the game’s documentation to find the hotkey you need. Some common hotkeys are mentioned below.

– To open the in-game menu, press “ESC” + “M”.

– To switch between active characters, press “CTRL” + “1”, “CTRL” + “2”, or “CTRL” + “3”.

– To pause the game, press “PAUSE” or “F5”.

– To take a screenshot of the current screen, press “SHIFT” + “ALT” + “S”.

How to Enable/Disable Game Hotkeys

If you’re looking to enable or disable game hotkeys on your Icarus keyboard, follow these simple steps:
1. Open the Settings app on your phone and navigate to Keyboard – Hotkeys.
2. Select the “Icarus Keyboard” option from the list, and then select the key(s) you’d like to use for game hotkeys.
3. To disable a key, simply uncheck the box next to it.
4. Press OK to save your changes, and you’re ready to go!

How to Use Game Hotkeys

Gaming keyboards come with all sorts of features that can make your gameplay more efficient. But what about those times when you just want to pause the game, reload your weapon, or chat with your teammates?

Luckily, you can use keyboard commands to easily accomplish these tasks in most games. Here are a few popular keyboard shortcuts for gamers:

– “F4” to reload your weapon.
– “Caps Lock” to toggle between first-person and third-person view.
– “E” to open the character menu.
– “Tilde (~) key” to open the chat box.

Examples of Game Hotkeys

There are a variety of keyboard commands you can use in games to help you get the most out of your experience. Here are three examples of game hotkeys that can save you a lot of time and hassle.

1. In Guild Wars 2, press “CTRL+W” to open your world map. This shortcut will also reload your current map if you’re in the middle of combat or travelling.

2. In World of Warcraft, press “M” to open your menu bar and then click on “Options.” From here, you can change various settings such as sound effects and video quality.

3. In StarCraft II, press “ALT+F4” to quit the game and return to the desktop.


In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the most commonly used keyboard commands in the game Icarus. By now, you should be familiar with the basic controls and movement, but what about when you want to get down to business? In this article, we will cover a range of different tasks that can be accomplished quickly and easily using keyboard commands. From flying around the arena to stunning your opponents with powerful attacks, these keyboard shortcuts will come in handy time and time again. So let’s get started!

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