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Facts About Amritpal Singh Dhillon

AP Dhillon is an aspiring singer. His songs are considered to be number one hits in many countries. His music is also played almost everywhere. He was born and raised in Punjab and currently resides in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. In December 2020, he is set to release his debut EP titled ‘Not By Chance’. However, his social media profiles are quite minimal. Here are some facts about AP Dhillon.

AP Dhillon is an Indian rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. He is best known for his Punjabi songs. Some of his singles have charted in the UK Asian and Punjabi charts. Amritpal Singh Dhillon was born on 10 January 1995 and attended Camosun College in British Columbia, Canada. He started his career by releasing his first single, ‘Fake,’ in 2019.

He is a Sikh singer who lives in Ontario, Canada.

His debut single ‘Fake’ has peaked in the UK Punjabi and Asian Music charts. In June 2020, he collaborated with Gurinder Gill for ‘Brown Munde’. The song reached number one on both the UK Asian and Punjabi charts. Despite his relatively young age, Ap Dhillon has a long way to go.

The song ‘Deadly’ was Dhillon’s first hit and it topped the UK Asian and Punjabi charts. In 2020, he released a new EP, ‘Not by Chance’. His EP peaked at number three on the UK Asian and Punjabi charts and climbed to number two on the UK’s Official Punjabi Chart. It has gained 106K+ followers on Instagram.

His songs have been a huge hit in the UK and NZ. His latest album, ‘Hidden Gems,’ features songs such as Majhe Alle, Spaceship, Tere Te, and War. Dhillon’s songs have been recorded by Gurinder Gill. His musical talents include guitar and the piano. AP Dhillon is also a regular drinker. But alcohol is not the only thing that he is known for.

His first single, ‘Brown Munde,’ peaked at number one on the Apple Music Canada charts, while his second single, ‘Not By Chance,’ was chart-topping in the UK Asian charts. Moreover, AP Dhillon’s popularity has led him to sign more Punjabi songs in 2020. The name of AP Dhillon is Amritpal Singh Dhillon.

AP Dhillon’s debut single, ‘Brown Munde,’ was released in 2020. It went viral on the internet and entered the UK Asian Music Chart. It also entered the Apple Music chart in Canada and reached number one in the UK Asian chart. Similarly, ‘Brown Munde’ was also the first track on the British iTunes India. Its video was shot in Canada, where it made number one.

In 2019, AP Dhillon began his professional singing career with the single ‘Fake’ and ‘Faraar’. ‘Fake’ reached number 11 in the UK Punjabi chart, while ‘Faraar’ peaked at number five in the Asian chart. ‘Fake’ was his first single, and he was soon featured in a Gurinder Gill-directed song, ‘Majhail’.

Dhillon’s first singles were ‘Fake’ and ‘Faraar’.

“Fake” peaked at number 11 and entered the UK Punjabi chart. ‘Faraar’ was AP Dhillon’s first international release. Another hit in the UK was ‘Majhail’, a song he co-wrote with singer Gurinder Gill.

‘Excuses’ became a trend overnight and “Kehndi Hondi Si” became a hit. While it is difficult to understand Punjabi music, AP Dhillon has done a great job of bringing Punjabi music to the mainstream. Not only did he make his debut in 2019, he has already influenced the genre. ‘Excuses’ has even become the official ‘Heartbreak’ song.

AP Dhillon’s popularity is undisputed. His new singles regularly enter the top five in the UK Asian music category and Punjabi music category. While his debut album was not a huge success, he has a growing fan base. So, he is a star in the UK! And his latest album is ‘Football’, ‘The ‘Battlefield’, and ‘Hailer’ are his best-selling albums.

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